Step 1 – the idea

So it begins,… with something missing.

I have a lot of documents at home and at work, of which I made copies, as backups, as a poorman’s version control, or simply by mistake (wanting to move to another folder, for instance, but copy instead).

Well, no matter the reason, I have many duplicates that I do not need anymore.

Therefore I use tools to remove those duplicates. But… there was always something missing. There was no preview, I didn’t like how the duplicates were organized on screen, I could not easily select what I wanted gone, etc. So. I fiddled with the idea of writing a duplicate cleaner myself.

Then came WPF to me, in the form of a new project at work. I had already written a few tiny utilities for personal use with C# and WinForms, but WPF opened a new world for me.

So, I decided to write this duplicate cleaner, and to publish it.

This is how you could start:

  • identify what you’re missing in your (daily) use
  • Don’t go too big at first
  • You must already know the grounds of software programming
    • While you can (and should) use this opportunity to learn new things, it’s not the time to learn algorithms and general coding paradigms.
  • decide on which technology you’ll be using
    • and stick to it as long as possible
    • “technology” m

One important point is the following: you do not need to do anyhting original. You can even clone a softwrea you use. The main point is: you did it yourself!




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