WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9.8 is here (last beta)

Hello all

Bug fix time is almost over. I also found time to make a few features work (see “Show & Organize”) and have therfore made them appear in this version.

Get WDD 0.9.8 here (install) or here (download, unzip and install) Continue reading


WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9.5 (beta 2) is here

Hello all

So, WDD (WeeDuplicateDetective) 1.0 is now almost feature complete, I just need to finish writing the help documentation 🙂

Bug fix time now!

Get WDD 0.9.5 here (unZIP and launch the installer). Continue reading

WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 (beta 1) is available

Hello all

WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 is available as

A bit of information:

  • This software helps you find and handle (delete, send to the recycle bin or move to a folder) duplicates of files. In other words, if you have unneeded copies of files, WDD will find them and will help you clean them. Continue reading