WDD on Softpedia / PAD files

WDD 1.0 has been approved on SoftPedia.

From the screenshot, it seems they even actually tested it. I’m impressed… 🙂

Submitting WDD was made easy by generating a PAD file. Continue reading


WeeDuplicateDetective main data structure / part 2

Please read the previous article first.


Ok, let’s have a closer look at the main data structure in WeeDuplicateDetective (short: WDD) then. Continue reading

WeeDuplicateDetective main data structure / part 1


Verion 1.0 is progressing well, it should be released next week. I fixed quite a few GUI issues and made two major changes. This post is about the first of them.

In the meantime, I have a sin to confess…

I did build WeeDuplicateDetective (I will use the short form “WDD” from now on) around a poorly thought out data structure. Continue reading