Change of plans

Well, since I changed jobs, and since .NET is not something I use profesionally anymore, I am not sure there will be a sucessor to WDD 1.5. I learned a lot with this little project of mine though.

I would like continue using this platorm to expand the “Lessons Learned” series, but lack of time is probably going to kill this project.

I would like to use this blog to discuss about my new endeavours in the realms of Linux, TCL/tk and OpenGL, but I don’t have a lot to bring to the table yet. Oh, and the “lack of time” thingie.

Let’s see…


There’s always music.

Message in a bottle… ?

LinqToJSON – CodeProject article and source code released

I have released a small C# library called LinqToJSON.

What is LinqToJSON?

LinqToJSON is a .NET assembly, written in C#, that allows reading and writing data formatted according to the JSON standard with features that mimic those of LinqToXML. It is available for free, with its source code.
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Portal for my software and fun with CSS

Hi there

So,  my main “web site” is somewhat ready. Check it out here.

It was for me the opportunity to have a closer look at CSS and have a bit of fun with it. Playing with CSS can be pretty addictive though, and at some point time I had to go to bed. 🙂 I am pretty satisfied with the result (somewhat modern design, with flat grey colors and slight touch of colors to make things less boring), with a couple of things still bothering me though:

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