WDD 1.1 released / new screen

Hi there

WDD 1.1 is available, download it from here.

I have notified SoftPedia and CNet about the update, I’ll post the links when available.

In other news, my computer screen died on me last week. Had it for only about 4 years, so I was a bit dissapointed, but well. The backlights were still ok, so I decided not to try to repair the thing myself and buy a new screen. Which was planned anyway.

After spending a few hours researching and comparing, I decided myself on buying the Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 for approx. 200Euros. Continue reading

WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 (beta 1) is available

Hello all

WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 is available as

A bit of information:

  • This software helps you find and handle (delete, send to the recycle bin or move to a folder) duplicates of files. In other words, if you have unneeded copies of files, WDD will find them and will help you clean them. Continue reading