My name is Guillaume Ranslant.

I am a software developper during the day, and a husband and dad otherwise.
Well, it sometimes happens that I am also a bit of a software developper at night. Sometimes only. When I can find or make free time.

In the last 15 years I have already written a lot of tiny tools (using first Pascal then Delphi, then C++, C++/MFC, C#/WinForms and now C#/WPF) for my own private use.

WeeDuplicateDetective is my attempt at

  1. learning and understanding WPF and MVVM
  2. actually releasing to the world one of my production

and this blog is a platform for me to share that leanrning and understanding process, and the results thereof.

Oh, and I’m French and located in Germany.

Profesional occupations:
My linked-in profile will tell it all, but basically I am doing/have done

  • software development
  • technical project leading (head developer)
  • quality management (functional specification level, code level and test level)
  • release engineering

What I do outside of programming:

  • a lot of reading
  • music (listening to and playing)
  • watch movies / TV-Series / theater plays
  • puns
  • photography
  • getting a dumb-looking, happy grin on my face as I watch my daughters grow
  • relaxing (try the following: a hot, scented bath, with a sudoku book and a pen…)

Well this is starting to look like a resumé, so… switch off.







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