WDD is available

After a long period of time, the new version of WeeDuplicateDetective is finally available.

What’s new in WDD 1.5?

  • remember the search patterns (in the combobox)
  • lighter UI
    • less borders, less color gradients and less animations (speeds up the UI)
    • the process of finding duplicates has its own dialog
    • layout made a bit less “full” for some options, mostly in the right side bar
    • removed a couple of unneeded text fields (ironically, I had duplicate information…)
  • files unsafe for deletion
    • show those files (files in the Windows directory and system and hidden files)
    • exclude those files from being selected or even remove them from the list
  • search
    • all fields at once
    • using wildcards (* and ?) or a regular expression
  • allow filtering of search files per file extension
    • new dialog to edit the type filters
  • add one criteria to remove files from the list
  • bug fixes
    • display of amount of files cleaned & of files scanned
    • crash when cleaning all files in a duplicate group
    • cursor when finding duplicates
    • remove files from list: stats not updated
  • help file (FINALLY!) – html file, with style reminiscent of 914915.onphp.net

As to why it took so long:

  • life happened (cliché but true): got sick, wife got sick, daughters got sick, got sick again, etc.
  • changed jobs: looking for a new job was the highest prio in Q4-2011, and getting up-to-speed in the new job, was the highest prio for Q1-2012
  • got a smartphone (Samsung galaxy S5670): time eating thingie because of … free stuff!

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