A few more interesting reviews of WDD 1


I regularly google “WeeDuplicatedDetective” to find where it ends up (with interesting surprises, more on that in a later post) and to read reviews. Not just to feel good when people like it, mid you, but to gather interesting ideas on where I should bring WDD next.

But first the links:


  • Google returns over 46000 references to WeeDuplicate Detective
  • people like: the speed, the ease of use, the selection schemes, that it’s free, that you can compare the content of the files as well, the different cleaning options
    • I did it be cause that’s what I needed. Good to see
  • people are divided on: the UI
    • I still have to write that post about my UI choices for WDD, it shoul;d explain a few things. I will brush it up a bit, but I don’t forget that there is a non negligeable matter of taste at work here. I cannot and do not want to please everybody here. Besides, this is WPF, with its pros and cons.
  • people miss / want: marking system/backup files are dangerous to remove, filtering the search of duplicates by file type, possibilities for searching more extensively through the list of duplicates

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