Interesting review of WDD

I found an interesting review of WDD 1.1, here is the traduction from google:

“WeeDuplicateDetective The interface is very organized, however, there should be a little clearer tabs to enable a more effective visual distinction between the different regions of program options. His speed is impressive, making the software able to do a complete scan of unity in a few seconds.

The performance of WeeDuplicateDetective in search of duplicate files is very good, finding them without difficulty and offering several options and relevant to deal with. The amount of available criteria to differentiate the files is not quite satisfactory: we would have more options, for example, filter or search for a specific length of just the name typed.

It is always worthwhile to alert you of the following: Some of these may be copies or backups of important system files, that is, make sure to delete only what you really sure of the function on the computer.”

They have good points, and I will take them into consideration:
* UI should be slightly touched up: I will remove the borders, and put more space between the areas, while keeping the shadows
* signal system files / backup files, etc. as being dangerous to remove.
I am also considering adding a new clean up method: create shortcuts to the 1st copy. A competitor is doing this and I like it :).
This being said, I have very little free time for developping WDD further currently…










2 thoughts on “Interesting review of WDD

  1. Hi, thanks for you program. But I need to suggest you one thing..
    once started the search of duplicated files, it can’t be stopped, so we’ve to wait the end.
    Could you add this features please?

    • Hi Filipo,

      thanks for your comment.

      You can already stop the search for duplicated files if you use WDD 1.1.
      You can download it here

      When you start a search, a button captionned “stop the search” will appear right next to it. SImply click this button (ignore the mouse cursor, this is a stupid bug that I will fix soon, you can still click on the STOP button).

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