Portal for my software and fun with CSS

Hi there

So,  my main “web site” is somewhat ready. Check it out here.

It was for me the opportunity to have a closer look at CSS and have a bit of fun with it. Playing with CSS can be pretty addictive though, and at some point time I had to go to bed. 🙂 I am pretty satisfied with the result (somewhat modern design, with flat grey colors and slight touch of colors to make things less boring), with a couple of things still bothering me though:

  1. Google web fonts looks ugly on IE and Opera (I tried with “Open Sans”), it only worked well for FF
  2. There are huge differences in rendering from one browser to the other. OK, this is well known and documented, but still, when you get to experience it yourself, this is really annoying (besides, as I still have XP everywhere, I cannot install IE9)
    1. IE7 – forget it.
    2. IE8 – no round edges, no shadow
    3. FF5 – strange table cell placement (has the better rendering though, with Opera 11) and menu placement
    4. Opera10 – no background image, horizontal scroll bar
    5. Opera11 – I had some strange rendering of the margins for the menu, but once I cleared the cache, the page appeared as expected
    6. Safari and Chrome – not tested

I used the tutorials from W3School and HTML Dog.

If you wish to see some of the possibilities of CSS, have a look there:

Update: while brushing up the CSS file (a bit of optimization :)) I also found out I broke out a few things myself. Fixed now! Opera11 and FF5 have the rendering closest to what I have in mind (out of ,Opera10&11 FF5 and IE8)




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