Hosting WeeDUplicateDetective


Skydrive is not exactly the best hosting service for me… It has enough space, but linking to a file (in my case WDD_Setup.exe) doesn’t work well: each time I’ve linked it, the link expired! Not very useful.

So I’ve schecked a few free hosting services, and I’ve chosen

They are not perfect: the limit for file upload is really low (500KB), and the process of setting up the account is a unintuitive, but they have two major advantages:

1. it works. I tried one other service, and creating my account didn’t even work! No idea why, there was no error message, it just showed me the account creation page again

2. it’s free. Since WDD is free, I do not want to pay for hosting.

check it here :

So, WDD 1.0.0 is now available here:

(I have updated the post aboutr WDD 1.0)

2 thoughts on “Hosting WeeDUplicateDetective

  1. Schecked? You are getting too German, my friend 😉
    Try submitting WDD to websites like BetaNews and MajorGeeks – they can host it too.

    500KB seems to be way too low 🙂

    • > Schecked
      Damn it! 😀

      >BetaNews & MajorGeek
      Thanks. I’ve submitted WDD to, and it’s been accepted.
      Still, I need some basic hosting so that those sites can find the installer.

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