WeeDuplicateDetective 1.0 is available!

Hello all

Well, here it is, WeeDuplicateDetective 1.0!

Available in two flavors

Have fun!

Change list – from 0.9.8 to

  • add dropshadows on some borders
  • fix amount of duplicates in the status bar
  • change: data structure of the duplicates file list
  • add: Select – Remove files that do not match the search pattern from the list
  • add: Select – “unselect items” button
  • fix: volume slider
  • paralellize sort (more on that in a later post)
  • add progress for sort
  • fix done counter in the “clean duplicate files” dialog
  • fix duplicate count in the status bar
  • fix sparable space count (status bar) update during clean up
  • add ‘?’ in main clean window title
  • change: ‘Close’ to ‘Cancel’ during clean up, and ‘Close’ when it’s done
  • fix: disable controls in the background when an overlay is shown

The todo list so far:

  • Prio 1 (for WDD 1.1)
    • allow cancel during search for duplicates
    • help text (finish writing it, I haven’t made much progress here…)
  • Prio 2 (for WDD 1.5)
    • remember search patterns in the current session (combobox)
    • for audio files preview, put the media controls higher
    • manage file: preview document files with a doc reader
  • Prio 3 (for WDD 2.0)
    • add operators to the search: contains, is, >, <, >=, <=, starts with, ends with (for dates, have a special keyword like “@Today”)
    • e.g:
      • search: path contains aaaa
      • search size >= 321456
      • Creation Time > @Today -7
    • try to use an expander for the parent items instead of a tree like structure
    • real zoom on pictures, with scrolling
    • ID3 for Mp3
    • localization?
    • Better UI
    • Better Icon

The next articles will deal with:

  • WDD and MVVM,
  • WDD and sorting the list using the task parallelization library from .Net Fx 4.0
  • the UI of WDD
  • WDD’s installer
  • making WDD available

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