WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9.8 is here (last beta)

Hello all

Bug fix time is almost over. I also found time to make a few features work (see “Show & Organize”) and have therfore made them appear in this version.

Get WDD 0.9.8 here (install) or here (download, unzip and install)


  • fix: usesearchPattern: if already check, do not change
  • fix: file stats (total #files, total space, total space sparable, etc.) not updated after clean up
  • fix: context menu over file tree list items is now displayed
  • fix: selected counter properly updated when clicking on “find duplicates”
  • fix: scroll behavior of the tree list view
  • sort by: file name / path / size / # of copies / date, for all files, now works
  • sort: add button : remove singles from list
  • “Unmark” feature in the context menu

Known bugs:

  •  the volume slider seem to not always control the volume appropriately

Todo for the next versions

    • fix the last few known bugs
    • finish writing the help (maybe just as HTML?)
    • allow cancelling during the search for duplicates
  • 2.0
    • remember search patterns (combobox)
    • display tree list column depending on compare criteria (example: if creation time is not checked, do not display the column)
    • manage file: preview documment files with doc reader
    • add operator to search: contains, is, >, <, >=, <=, starts with, ends with.
      • e.g:
        • search: path contains aaaa
        • search size >= 321456
    • fix: for audio files, put the media controls higher
    • try to use an expander for the parent items
    • implement search with yield return / optimize performances
    • New UI? (give me ideas and suggestions)
    • Localization?

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