WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9.5 (beta 2) is here

Hello all

So, WDD (WeeDuplicateDetective) 1.0 is now almost feature complete, I just need to finish writing the help documentation 🙂

Bug fix time now!

Get WDD 0.9.5 here (unZIP and launch the installer). BTW if somedody can suggest a place where I can host the installer as EXE file, for free, and without the hassle of SkyDrive, feel free to comment…

Todo list for the next versions:

  • manage file: preview documment files with doc reader
  • add operators to search: contains, is, >, <, >=, <=
    • e.g: search: path contains aaaa
    • search size >= 321456
  • different sortings of the tree
  • for audio files, put the media controls higher
  • change the layout / the design of the user interface
  • context menu on the tree items

For those interested, here are the c#/wpf technologies used in WDD 0.9.5

  • mvvm pattern (data binding, relay commands, mediator)
  • background worker & timers
  • delegates
  • events
  • non rectangular window
  • extension methods
  • converters and multi-value converters
  • triggers, styles
  • user controls, popups, context menus, flow documents, gridsplitter
  • customized list view, with data templates
  • dependecy properties, attached properties
  • use of native win32 methods
  • drag’n’drop
  • keyboard short cuts (try Ctrl+F1 in the main window)
  • overlays
  • animation (in XAML and in the code behind): storyboards & 2d transforms

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