WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 (beta 1) is available

Hello all

WeeDuplicateDetective 0.9 is available as

A bit of information:

  • This software helps you find and handle (delete, send to the recycle bin or move to a folder) duplicates of files. In other words, if you have unneeded copies of files, WDD will find them and will help you clean them.
  • it’s written in C#/WPF, with the help of MS Visual Studio C# Express. The Installer is done with NSIS &NIS Edit
  • the source code is NOT available, this project is for me a learning project and therefore quite a few things may be less then optimal, and not much of a good learning material for you

The version published is a BETA version, which means:

  1. Not everything I planned for version 1.0 is finished
  2. It may be a bit buggy, but I tested quite thoroughly
  3. please share you impressions, bug reports and feature requests 🙂

I will publish my own todo list and a bit more info at a later time, I should be in bed, sleeping, by now….



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